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September 22, 2017

Tips for the decoration of your kitchen

The kitchen is one of the most important areas of the home. The whole family, especially if they do not have a dining room, spends a lot of time in it  either for a meal or just for space to go. This place should be both functional and stylish, giving a sense of warmth and security. One more reason to transform itand give it the style it lacks without spending  a lot of money.Let’s see some great solutions to transform our kitchen.

First of all the kitchen cabinets. Cabinets occupy the largest space in the kitchen, so a change in cabinets can completely change the look of the entire kitchen. A change you can make is to paint your cupboards yourself. If your kitchen is small paint the top cabinets white to get lost in the eye and look bigger. If it is large, white dye down and select a bright color for the top to emphasize space. Yellow is a wonderful color for the kitchen because it creates a feeling of hunger.If you want to refurbish your kitchen you can keep the cupboards and change only the doors. You will save enough money and will completely change the look of your kitchen.Another way to refresh your cabinets is to clothe them with upholstery. A beautiful option is to dress the doors with a wallpaper that resembles a wooden style.Another solution is to stick to the interior dashboard from the doorways beautiful tiles with nice patterns. Choose as thin and light as possible ceramic tiles to prevent your door from hanging in the future. With a little silicone just stick the tile. These can be cut to the dimension you want with a cutter.

Handles It is a small change that will give style to your kitchen. Select knobs in a bold color and make the difference or choose a more vintage style.Be careful though and note how many holes the previous one had, so that the new door handle completely covers the old ones.

Shelves A fairly economical solution for changing your kitchen is to take the top row of cabinets and place shelves. A kitchen that decorative items are considered to be the same dishes and glasses on the shelves completely escapes from classical data.

KitchenbenchYou really do not imagine how much your kitchen will change with just changing the bench. Choose a new material and combine it with your existing tiles or the color you’ve decided to paint. once you find a material for your bench that ties with the colors of the rest of the kitchen, Dare to make a contrast that will bring the big change in the image of the space.

Renew your sink. After you’ve changed the bench and reopened the holes on the surface, it’s an opportunity to buy a washbasin that over time if it’s white has been peeled or if it’s stainless has made lines. Remember that if your sink is marble, you are lucky, because if you take care of it you will never have to change it. Even if you change the kitchen the marble sink can be repositioned and give awesome style.

Change battery. A new battery will give you the modern picture you want. Select a high battery so that your pots can fit underneath. Finally, if you want your kitchen at the edge of design, choose a white or black battery that will make a nice contrast and a new trend.

If you have a table in the kitchen attached to the wall due to limited space, highlight it to look stylish rather than crammed. Paint a vertical strip from the ceiling to the floor with a darker color and place horizontal shelves. Immediately the painted wall points to modern library backs and the table looks as if it is part of the composition.You can  also change the kitchen chairs and add luge skammel to a medium or high height. The luge skammelin relation to the chairs do not occupy much space. Also a luge skammel can be transported and used in other areas of the house.you can find many solutions for choosing the right luge skammel on the internet or you can make your own ones. The construction requires financial materials and a lot of will to make something by yourself. You can choose a different motif for each of the luge skammel.

Refrigerator If you have an older refrigerator and you do not like the look you can very economically make it look very stylish and expensive. You can order a sticker and dress it up. Glue yourself and detach it whenever you want.

Vases Remove the jars from the cupboards and hang them under the cupboards. Earn space and style in your kitchen. Screw the lids off the jars on the bottom of the top cabinets. Put your pasta, legumes, nuts inside. You will have direct access, you will know what is over, and your kitchen will be super stylish.

flowers and herbs Decorate your kitchen with original pots. Put different herbs in cups and make your own garden with fresh herbs. Cut a wooden shelf on the width of your sink. Screw on both edges and create an original shelf that will add style and space for your herbs.

Storage Baskets.If there is enough space,you can buy and put storage baskets under your sinks. Divide the space into three parts and put your potatoes, onions, fruits or other items.

Carpet In the kitchen a carpet besides utility is also very beautiful. Choose a waterproof, gentle shade like brown, black or white. Choose a carpet that you can easily wash in the washing machine and that will give brightness to the room.

Tiles.you can change the kitchen tiles either by removing them or by painting their surface with a color of your choice. The most economical way is to put on a stick of your choice, with different patterns and styles. you can find plenty of options on the Internet.

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